Rick and Morty enters the Spongebob Universe

Do you like mash-em-ups? Do you like it when things that don't belong with other things react with those things? Well, boy do I have a story for you! During an interview with Vulture, Dan Harmon, Justin Roiland, producer Ryan Ridley, and voice actors Spencer Grammer (Summer), and Sarah Chalke (Beth) voiced an impromptu episode where none other than Rick and Morty met up with Spongebob and a few other underwater denizens. Let's take a look:

While there were some funny bits (I really liked the arguing Sponges, or Rick's suggestion to just sell the living sponges as regular ones), it - like many improv bits - kinda fell apart at the end (especially once Namor showed up). But overall it was worth it! The animation by Vulture was solid, and it was cool to see something like this done with the real voice actors and not parodies with terrible knock-off voices. I mean, it had nothing on THE SIMPSONS mash-up with RICK AND MORTY that was done a while ago, but then again, what does?

Meanwhile, the third (and darkest) season of RICK AND MORTY is currently airing right now.

Extra Tidbit: I'd watch a full-length version of a SPONGEBOB/RICK AND MORTY mash-up.
Source: Vulture



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