Riddick 3 will happen soon, and is currently seeking actors to possibly be killed by Riddick

For a couple of years now, we've been getting more and more teases (including that recent concept art above) that our favorite intergalactic felon would be coldly killing for a third time.

Now RIDDICK 3 is finally starting to come together -- Moviehole reports that the production is currently testing actors for a few key roles, including a Necromonger commander, a sexy-tough female mercenary, and her boss, who has ties to a previous Riddick movie.

If you don't mind a few potential SPOILERS, Moviehole has an overview of the script (which, for the record, kicks a loaded wagon of ass).

The trilogy-topper (potentially just called RIDDICK or subtitled THE FURYAN) deposits our goggled anti-hero on a barren alien world, where he must deal with lethal indigenous lifeforms and a crew of mercenaries before heading to his homeworld of Furya for final retribution. And yes, the script addresses the Necromonger situation from the end of CHRONICLES -- with luck, we'll see Karl Urban reprise his role as Vaako.

Writer-director David Twohy also recently posted a pic from a location scout "somewhere in the hinterlands of Canada", which might indicate what this stark new planet could look like.

Now, can we get it for next summer?
Extra Tidbit: In an early draft of PITCH BLACK, the Riddick character (known by a different name) was female.
Source: Moviehole



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