Riddick logo revealed!

We haven't heard anything from RIDDICK ever since the film secured an R rating back on Halloween, but just a few days ago director David Twohy took to his blog to give a little update on the process of post-production and how that's all going for him.  Included in his post on... post... was a picture of Twohy and a few special effects artists, the background of which plays host to a treatment of the movie's logo.

A bit blurry, a bit pixelly due to being a picture of a screen, and a whole lot of cool, you can check out the logo below and let us know what you think below that!

Here's to hoping we see a proper HD version soon - perhaps when a trailer drops? i would guess that the film, currently set to release "sometime in 2013," will arrive around fall.  Which, if my hypothesis proves true, would mean we'll see a trailer within the next few months.  Or so I can dream, anyway.

Riddick post BTS 1

And while we're here, have a look at some concept art for RIDDICK done up in what is an absolutely fascinating art style.  I don't know what it's called, I don't know what it is - I just know that I like it.  A lot.  And gives a small but illustrative window into the shooting style we're going to get with the film.

Riddick concept art 4

Riddick concept art 1

Riddick concept art 2

Riddick concept art 3

Extra Tidbit: Anyone know what that sort of style might be called? Or the tools being used to create it?
Source: David Twohy



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