Riddick rises again after finding some cash

Last we heard about the third CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK movie, production had been halted as the studio literally locked out the cast and crew after not being paid. Kind of an awkward situation, but now apparently the conflict has been resolved.

The studio head reports that he has been reimbursed, as the production company managed to find enough funds to turn the lights back on. It's good to see this moving forward, but if they're this starved for cash, will this just be the first of many problems the film faces in an effort to get made?

I like the Riddick films, and I hope its smooth sailing from here. It's a cool universe and more deserving of a sequel than say, the infinite amount of UNDERWORLD or RESIDENT EVIL films that keep getting made. I mean Vin Diesel might not have the rack of Milla Jovovich or the ass of Kate Beckinsale, but I'd much prefer him leading my film than either of them.

Are you excited to see a third Riddick film? Or has the series overstayed its welcome?

Extra Tidbit: Actually, come to think of it, he might have a bigger rack than Milla Jovovich.
Source: TMZ



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