Ridiculous Rumor of the Day: Lindsay Lohan in Superman?

As I'm sure you know, Christopher Nolan, Zack Snyder and Warner Bros. are busy looking at actresses for the role of a Kryptonian villianess in SUPERMAN. They've reportedly looked at Diane Kruger, Alice Eve and Rosamund Pike for the part. But how about Lindsay Lohan? Hey, where are you going?

Yes, this is a ridiculous rumor - one started by gossip site TMZ - but indulge us for a second here. TMZ claims that Lohan, while in the midst of being investigated for felony grand theft, has had several meetings with the SUPERMAN creative team this week to discuss a "major" role in the new film.

Now perhaps they might on the film and not in the film and they'll have Lohan on set as a PA as some sort of work release program but I don't believe for one hot second that she'll have anything to do with the cast of this movie. TMZ's report comes from "sources close" to Lohan and in translation that means her publicist is working to get her some positive press that distracts from her impending criminal charges.

Breathe easy Superman fans, it's not happening. You can file this one next to the "Tara Reid says BIG LEBOWSKI sequel is filming next year" rumors.

Source: TMZ



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