Ridley Scott in talks to direct feature adaptation of The Prisoner

Patrick McGoohan's classic TV series The Prisoner may be close to fifty years old, but the mysterious psychological spy drama is still a highly regarded piece of television history. The Prisoner follows an unnamed British spy (Patrick McGoohan) who awakens to find that he's being held captive in a mysterious seaside village after suddenly resigning from his job. After being given the name "Number Six," the inhabitants of the village begin to use a variety of bizarre methods to extract information from the former agent and Number Six is left wondering who, if anyone, he can trust.

The Prisoner was previously remade in 2009 as a six episode mini-series starring Jim Caviezel and Ian McKellen but now it appears that the series may be destined for the big-screen. Deadline reports that Ridley Scott is currently in early talks to direct THE PRISONER for Universal. The project has been in existence for a number of years with the most recent draft of the script originating from William Monahan (THE DEPARTED). Should Ridley Scott come on-board, it's possible that this may be his next film after ALIEN: COVENANT wraps as he hasn't lined up any firm projects afterwards. I'd imagine that remaking The Prisoner will come under a bit of scrutiny, not to mention condensing the dense series into a feature film, but with Ridley Scott at the helm, we may be in for something just as fun, albeit different, as the original.

ALIEN: COVENANT is set to start shooting next month for a October 6, 2017 release.

Source: Deadline



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