Ridley Scott tackles ancient aliens with HBO's Pharaoh

Ridley Scott explored the extraterrestrial origins of man to, let's say, mixed results in PROMETHEUS, and now he's continuing the trend with a television series that will contend aliens had a hand in the construction of Ancient Egypt. That sounds awesome. Even better: this series is for HBO.

The show, entitled "Pharaoh", was created by David Schulner (executive producer on NBC's "Dracula" and "Do No Harm") along with Giannina Facio and Colet Abedi, while Scott is executive producing and attached to direct.

Here's a general idea of what the show is about:

Pharaoh" explores an alternate explanation for the foundation and ascent of the ancient Egyptian empire — one in which greatness was bestowed upon us by beings from another world, calling into question what it means to be a ‘god.’

Again: sounds awesome… as long as thoughts of STARGATE never enter our heads. This is in the earliest of stages, so don't expect to see any spacemen helping construct the Sphinx just yet.


Extra Tidbit: Do you see potential in a series combining extraterrestrials and Egyptians?
Source: Deadline



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