Ridley Scott wants Christian Bale to play Moses in his Biblical epic, Exodus

Close one door and open another! Just on the heels of Steven Spielberg dropping out of his Bible movie GODS AND KINGS, Ridley Scott's project EXODUS is working to pick up a big star to part the Red Sea.

Deadline says that Scott and 20th Century Fox are seeking the talents of Bale to take on the role of Moses in the movie. Things are in the very early stages right now, but Scott wants this to be his next movie after THE COUNSELOR. The original script is currently getting a rewrite from Steve Zaillian who worked with Scott on AMERICAN GANGSTER.

Bale does have experience with Biblical roles having taking on the part of Jesus in the 1999 TV movie MARY, MOTHER OF JESUS. With Darren Aronofsky's NOAH starting a new trend of Bible based movies, I would expect EXODUS to happen and happen big. The question is whether the movie will be a traditional retelling or something unique. There has been a long history of epic Bible films coming out of Hollywood but nothing in recent years. Whether you truly believe in Judeo-Christian religions or not, EXODUS could be quite a project. I look forward to what Ridley Scott could produce given the right special effects and cast. This could be one cool movie.

Extra Tidbit: Which would you rather see: Ridley Scott or Steven Spielberg's Bible take?
Source: Deadline



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