Ridley Scott wants Natalie Portman to star in his planned kidnapping drama

Now that the promotional train for Ridley Scott's ALIEN: COVENANT has shifted its gears into full-speed-ahead-mode, it's time for the legendary director to begin plans on his next project. As it would happen, Scott is finalizing plans to direct a feature film called ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD, which is to be based on the David Scarpa Black List-scripted drama concerning the kidnapping of John Paul Getty III and the desperate attempt by his mother Gail Harris to insist that the boy's grandfather, John Paul Getty Sr., pay the ransom.

John Paul Getty Sr. was once said to be the richest man in the world, and would you believe that at first he refused to pony up the dough? That's pretty low. I know that you don't stay rich by giving a bunch of money as ransom to a group of Italian gangsters, but it's your grandson for heaven's sake! Anyway, the role of Gail Harris has been tossed around to a few top-tier actresses, including Angelina Jolie who reportedly could not accept the role due to a conflict in her schedule. Now, Scott is hoping to secure Oscar-winning actress Natalie Portman for the part. Reports are saying that Portman is close to signing, and that in addition to Portman, Jack Nicholson is being persued for the role of the penny-pinching Getty Sr.. Again, neither of these actors have been confirmed to star in the drama at this time, but here's hoping.

John Paul Getty III's tale is quite the distressing yarn, as during the time when he was kidnapped, Getty was chained to a stake in a cave in Italy for a total of six months. He never quite recovered from the ordeal, and was known to have spent the rest of his days riding a downward spiral that included a drug overdose resulting in a stroke and kidney failure. He was left a quadriplegic in the wake of these difficulties and then died at the age of 54. Getty Sr. eventually paid the ransom, but not before the lasting damage was done - he even charged the family interest on the amount. What a guy!

Production for ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD is set to begin in Italy during May of this year.

Extra Tidbit: J. Paul Getty III, who was a grandson of the oil baron once believed to be the richest man in the world and who achieved tragic notoriety in 1973 when he was kidnapped by Italian gangsters.
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