Riley Keough would be down to play Poison Ivy in a movie

With WONDER WOMAN kicking ass and becoming the crowning jewel of the DC cinematic universe canon, no doubt Warner Bros. will look into bringing more of DC’s iconic female characters to the screen. There's Batgirl, Supergirl and Catwoman to name a few, and if they wanted to throw Poison Ivy into the mix there’s one actress who would love to get her fingers between some red roses.

Recently a fan took to Twitter to say that MAD MAX: FURY ROAD and LOGAN LUCKY actress Riley Keough should play either Batgirl Poison Ivy in the DC universe, and Keough responded saying she would prefer the sensual villain with a knack for horticulture.

Keough’s comment comes on the heels of another actress, Sarah Paulson, taking to Twitter to say she would like to play Cheetah in a sequel to WONDER WOMAN. Keough can now be added to the list of other Poison Ivy dream casts for fans, with names like Emma Stone also in the mix. Though the Batman villain may not appear in one of his movies, the character could be in either the planned GOTHAM CITY SIRENS or BIRDS OF PREY movie, which would see several female DC villains team up.

Keough has been making a name for herself in recent years by starring in critically acclaimed outings like ROAD, LUCKY and IT COMES AT NIGHT, and it may be time to see her make that big leap more notable roles. She’s been doing some great work in those roles, and she has this ethereal, free-spirited quality about her that would make her a perfect Ivy. Hopefully, DC and Warner Bros. take notice of this casting inspiration and give this girl some plants to weaponize.

JUSTICE LEAGUE may still be in some theaters near you. Maybe.

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