Rob Liefeld's Prophet is coming to Studio 8 with franchise expectations

Everything's coming up Milhouse for the ofttimes controversial co-creator of Deadpool, Rob Leifeld, as it's just been announced that Studio 8 has secured the rights to the Image Comics character, Prophet. Created by Liefeld, Prophet made his comic book debut in the pages of Youngblood #2 circa July 1992. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the character, John Prophet is a DNA enhanced super-soldier placed into a cryogenic freeze for a future mission only to awaken in the wrong time (present day) searching for a mission that does not exist. Pitched as very much the anti-Captain America across the board. He’s a ruthless berserker that must find his humanity.

Upon bursting onto the comic book scene, the adventures of John Prophet lit a fire under the asses of Youngblood fans, so much so that the character was granted his very own solo series in 1993. In time, Prophet grew in popularity among comic fans, and evetually crossed over for an historic team up with Liefeld’s popular Marvel creation, Cable in a storyline that made comic book history.

In what we know about the project so far, Studio 8 is planning to build a franchise around the John Prophet character, with Liefeld, Adrian Askarieh (HITMAN, HITMAN: AGENT 47) and Brooklyn Weaver (RUN ALL NIGHT, OUT OF THE FURNACE) set to produce. John Hyde and Terissa Kelton will also be involved in the project, with John Graham & Guy Danella are overseeing for Studio 8.

Love him or hate him, Liefeld is one of the most legedary comic book contributors of all time, having created over 150 characters across multiple publishers throughout the years. In recent times, his Deadpool, Cable, and Domino characters have been slicing up the box office with the release of David Leitch's DEADPOOL 2. With Prophet already being a hit among indie comic fans, it would not suprise me to see some major talent added to this lofty project. Let the casting and dream director predictions begin!

Source: Studio 8



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