Rob Liefeld says Youngblood comic adaptation is moving forward

Comic creator Rob Liefeld said via Twitter that his long-gestating comic-to-film adaptation of his hit series from Image, YOUNGBLOOD, is finally moving forward.

Here's the ta-weet:

Just got off of a fantastic call per the YOUNGBLOOD movie. After 3 years of dealmaking we are moving forward! #finally!!

We last reported on this project in 2009 when the infamous Brett Ratner was attached, calling it a "passion project."  Is that possible for a Brett Ratner movie? 

Liefeld didn't share any further details, so consider this another blip on the movie radar, but the invasion is yet to begin.  Whether or not Ratner or anyone else is attached is unclear, however given the very similar "team" set up of YOUNGBLOOD,  you can bet that the success or failure of Marvel's THE AVENGERS will play a huge role in where this project goes.

I was a huge Liefeld fan in the 90's, getting wrapped up in his work during his heyday on X-Force and then his transition over to Image, where YOUNGBLOOD kicked off the revolution.  YOUNGBLOOD was one of the first mainstream comics to have digital coloring and it changed the marketing and creator-owned atmosphere forever, which has in turn led to a similar trend in comics-to-film adaptations (i.e. KICK ASS, THE WALKING DEAD).

Liefeld recently aluded to seeing test footage for a live-action DEADPOOL film and has become a bit of an outspoken voice in the pop culture world of comics and film.  I'm sure plenty of people feel he's full of shit, but I find his brevity to be at least entertaining, if not informative. 

If YOUNGBLOOD is indeed back on track, expect to hear more news rolling in.

Extra Tidbit: If you happened to get sucked into the Golden Goose that was Image comics in the '90's, what property would you most like to see adapted for the screen? I personally think Spawn deserves a better shot at the title.
Source: Twitter



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