Robert De Niro in talks to star in The War with Grandpa

Robert De Niro The War with Grandpa

After receiving rave reviews earlier this year for his tasteful work in the sublime comedy DIRTY GRANDPA, Robert De Niro will once again be filling the role of a grandfather in THE WAR WITH GRANDPA. All kidding aside, it's tough to see someone of De Niro's calibre take on roles that seem beneath him, but who knows, maybe he simply enjoys taking part in lighter fare after decades of swimming in the minds of dark characters.

Deadline reports that Robert De Niro is in final negotiations to take on the lead role in THE WAR WITH GRANDPA, an upcoming comedy film based on Robert Kimmel Smith's novel by the same name. The novel follows a "young man who loves his grandfather, but also loves his bedroom. When grandpa’s wife dies, he moves in. His bad leg means he can’t stay in the attic bedroom, so guess who gives up his beloved bedroom? The young man engages in a series of pranks meant to drive out grandpa, but the old man is pretty resourceful in returning each salvo." Doesn't sound like that big of a departure from De Niro's previous comedic roles, here's hoping it's more of a MEET THE PARENTS rather than a DIRTY GRANDPA.

Robert De Niro will tackle THE WAR WITH GRANDPA before he reunites with Martin Scorsese for THE IRISHMAN. Although the project was sold with the expectation that both Al Pacino and Joe Pesci would be involved, it doesn't seem like Pesci is as onboard with THE IRISHMAN as the others are. There's still time for Martin Scorsese to win Pesci over however as production on THE IRISHMAN isn't due to kick off until next spring.

Source: Deadline



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