Robert Downey Jr. asks Hollywood to forgive Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson has fallen on tough times lately, finding it hard to get anything done in Hollywood now that he’s something of a pariah after his drunken anti-semetic rants and domestic violence allegations. But he’s not the first actor to be in this spot.

Robert Downey Jr. was at one point a trainwreck, and needed someone to pull him out of his downward spiral and set him back on the right track. That someone was Mel Gibson.

This video shows Robert Downey Jr. at an event meant to honor him taking the time to stick himself out there for his friend Mel. He describes how Gibson cared for him at his lowest point, and told him to return the favor to the next guy. As Downey says, “I don’t think he thought the next guy would be him.”

It’s kind of a touching video, and one that shows a true bond of friendship. Do you think Gibson deserves a second chance? Does his personal history factor into your decision to consume the work he produces?

Extra Tidbit: I'd watch LETHAL WEAPON 5. Or BRAVEHEART 2.
Source: Telegraph



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