Robert Downey Jr says superhero genre is "getting old"

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At this point, Marvel should just put Robert Downey Jr on their staff as the guy has become the de-facto face of the Cinematic Universe in the media. Open when it comes to his opinions, Downey never shies away from a good soundbite about himself or the comic book universe he is a part of. As he does press for THE JUDGE, Downey has both stated that IRON MAN 4 is coming while denying it, all the way hinting that Marvel has big things coming.

In a new interview with The Telegraph, Downey doesn't mince words about what he thinks of the current state of superhero films.

“Honestly, the whole thing is just showing the beginning signs of fraying around the edges,” he answered. “It’s a little bit old... Last summer there were five or seven different ones out. I feel that they are critiqued by a different metric to any other movie. Right, [that metric is box office], but also they are more forgiven because they operate on a different frequency. It’s like a bunch of really good dancers and you’re looking for the one who keeps changing her leg warmers. They make a lot of money.”

With four studios planning their own comic book cinematic universes and almost a dozen films in development from each of them over the next half a decade, we could be on the cusp of the genre over-saturating the market. Hell, some think it already has. But, Downey also goes on to say the best may be yet to come.

“This new Avengers may well be the best Marvel movie, and by the way that’s saying a lot, because I thought Guardians of the Galaxy was great,” he said. “And Iron Man 3 turned out great, and Cap 2 was awesome. And they’ll be some surprises in the next little while too.”

There is no doubt that AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON is going to blow every other comic book movie away and that is just based on the box office for the first movie. If the reaction to the footage shown at both the San Diego and New York comic cons is any indicator, fans are going to have a ton to look forward to next year and for the years to come.

AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON is slated to hit theaters May 1, 2015.



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