Robert Duvall and Bill Murray in the trailer for Get Low

It's been viewed at ShoWest & Sundance this year to very positive reviews. Now we get to see a trailer for GET LOW starring Robert Duvall and Bill Murray.

Watching this trailer, I immediately know that Duvall's performance will be nothing short of spectacular. He plays a mysterious old geezer that decides to throw a funeral party for himself. Bill Murray is the funeral director who grants his odd final wishes. For two seconds (note that I am nearly blind), I thought I saw Damian Lewis, but instead was surprised to find that it was actually Lucas Black. Damn that kid got big. Last thing I remember seeing him in was SLING BLADE (I skipped TOKYO DRIFT and have slept since FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS).

Anyway, the film looks like it will be definitely worth the watch. Here's an official synopsis:

Felix (Duvall) is a miserable old hermit who has lived in an isolated cabin for the past 38 years. He catches word that an old friend has passed away and hatches a plan to throw himself a "funeral party." He even wants the townsfolk, who either despise him or fear him, to attend the party and share all the crazy stories they may have heard about creepy old Felix. Is he a fugitive? A murderer? Or something worse?

Extra Tidbit: This is director Aaron Schneider's big feature debut.
Source: Yahoo Movies



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