Robert Duvall to team up again with Tom Cruise for One Shot

I was a young lass when DAYS OF THUNDER came out. Though I may not know the movie word for word, I will always remember the relationship between a much younger Tom Cruise as race car driver and Robert Duvall as his crew chief. "Rubbin' is racin'." Words that remain infamous in the hearts of NASCAR fans.

The two played well off each other so its great to see that they will be reunited for Christopher McQuarrie's ONE SHOT. The adaptation of the Lee Daniel's novel follows Jack Reacher (Cruise) a former military policeman turned drifter. He is investigating the case of a sniper accused of killing five people before being captured.

There are no specific details on what role Duvall is in final negotiations for but apparently it's a small role significant to Reacher's story line.

Rosamund Pike and Richard Jenkins are already signed on to star in the film alongside Cruise. McQuarrie serves as both writer and director on the project.

Source: Variety



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