Robert Pattinson vying to be Jeff Buckley

I have to imagine the Robert Pattinson is counting down the days until the TWILIGHT series closes its curtains once and for all. I mean, millions of dollars and throngs of female fans willing to rip their clothes off on your command is probably nice, but in terms of progressing as an actor, TWILIGHT has to be an anvil hanging around his neck.

Pattinson has reportedly been pursuing the lead in his dream project, a biopic of the late Jeff Buckley. You may not know it, but Pattinson is musically inclined himself, and has had his music on the TWILIGHT and HOW TO BE soundtracks.

Buckley is a legend thanks to his critically acclaimed single album (Grace) and his untimely death (he accidentally drowned at 30), making this a role that Pattinson believes could win him an Oscar. The problem is that he faces stiff competition from Ryan Gosling, James Marsden and, who else, James Franco who are all also in the race for the part.

You may hate him because of his sparkly past, but do you think Pattinson has what it takes to move on from that series and earn his status as a versatile actor?

Extra Tidbit: If you don't think you know any of his songs, you know this one.
Source: Daily Express



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