Robert Redford to play Oral Roberts in Jonathan Demme's Come Sunday

At age 77, Robert Redford is enjoying a career resurgence thanks to acclaimed roles in the virtually dialogue free ALL IS LOST and the villainous turn as Alexander Pierce in CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER. With those under his belt, Redford may be close to embarking on another unique role for his acting career: playing a preacher.

The Hollywood Reporter says Redford is in talks to co-star with Jeffrey Wright in COME SUNDAY for director Jonathan Demme. In the film, Redford would play evangelical minister Oral Roberts opposite Wright as Carlton Pearson.

The film, which will be financed and produced by Endgame Entertainment (Looper), chronicles the true story of Carlton Pearson, a renowned evangelical minister in Tulsa, Okla., who stirs up controversy with his revelation that there is no hell. He loses everything and must rebuild his church and his family and find his own personal faith.

Demme himself is in line for a career resurgence. He was previously linked to the Stephen King adaptation 11/22/63 and has not helmed a feature since 2008's RACHEL GETTING MARRIED. COME SUNDAY has been in development for a long time. Previously titled HERETICS, it was once going to be directed by Marc Forster. COME SUNDAY is slated to begin filming next year.

While the subject matter may not sound as rousing as a superhero movie, Redford is still a very magnetic actor and should bring some intriguing depth to the real life character that was Oral Roberts. If this cast and crew stays together, COME SUNDAY should be an interesting film to watch.

Extra Tidbit: I got to say oral and come in the same article.



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