Robert Redford will reveal the afterlife in Charlie McDowell's The Discovery

I'm always game for a quality sci-fi flick, and Charlie McDowell's upcoming film THE DISCOVERY certainly sounds very intriguing. Many cultures and religions believe in some form of an afterlife, but beyond the faith that it exists, there's really no way to know for sure; but, what if we could? What if it could be scientifically proven that the afterlife was real? What would happen to a society who could simply move on to another plane of existence if they wanted to start over? Charlie McDowell's THE DISCOVERY will deal with that very issue and to that end, they've secured the talents of a fun cast.

It has been announced that Robert Redford and Jason Segel will join the previously cast Rooney Mara in THE DISCOVERY, which is a sci-fi story set "two years after the discovery of an afterlife that has been scientifically proven where millions of people have taken their own lives in order to start over." Robert Redford plays the man responsible for the discovery, with Jason Segel playing his son, and Rooney Mara playing a woman whose life is tinged by a tragic past whom Segel's character falls in love with. Nicholas Hoult was originally cast in Segel's role but had to drop due to a scheduling conflict. THE DISCOVERY's brief premise sounds quite fascinating and, like all good sci-fi, raises some interesting questions.

Charlie McDowell's first feature, THE ONE I LOVE, also proved to be quite compelling and starred Elisabeth Moss and Mark Duplass as a troubled couple who encounter some bizarre circumstances upon arriving at a beautiful secluded estate. You can read our own Chris Bumbray's review of THE ONE I LOVE right here.

Source: Deadline



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