Robert Rodriguez directs Kobe Bryant's Black Mamba short film for Nike

I spend far too much time watching TV and movies to have time for multiple hour sports games a few times a week, so I rarely comprehend what's going on in that arena. But when sports and movies collide? I'm there.

Kobe Bryant apparently has an alter ego called the Black Mamba which I'm told has nothing to do with KILL BILL. In this new short film by Nike, he's approached by Robert Rodriguez to make a movie about the character, in a concept that doesn't seem so far fetched given the current state of Hollywood.

The film stars Kobe, Danny Trejo, Bruce Willis and Kanye West, and by the end reminds me of Space Jam, as a basketball game against monsters is used to decide a superstar's fate. Naturally, Kanye wants to kill Kobe for his shoes. What else?

Check it out below:

Extra Tidbit: I think this would have been even better with Tracy Morgan in Kanye's role.
Source: Nike



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