Robert Zemeckis might reteam with Tom Hanks for Major Matt Mason

We may now associate Robert Zemeckis with a decidedly unnerving style of motion capture animation, but lest we forget that he's the same man who brought us BACK TO THE FUTURE and FORREST GUMP, and hopefully he just temporarily lost his way.

He might try to get back on track by reuniting with an old friend, Tom Hanks for his MAJOR MATT MASON film based on the Mattel toy created in the '60s for which he's being sought. It's said to be a live-action family film about space adventure, but it is strange to see Hanks onboard a toy-based movie. Doesn't it just seem a bit...beneath him, for lack of a better phrase?

But perhaps he and Zemeckis can make us forget that it's in the same genre as GI JOE and TRANSFORMERS and turn out an entertaining project. The film is said to be in 3D (of course) and have a production budget of over $100 million.

Would you be for a Zemeckis/Hanks reunion so long as there's no creepy CGI between them? I think I would.

Extra Tidbit: My little cousin goes to school with Zemeckis' kid out in California. They apparently have fun birthday parties.
Source: THR



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