Roberts finds Christ

Julia Roberts Julia Roberts, who's pulling in more mom time than screen time these days, has decided to pick up a little producing work now that she's cutting back on the whole acting thing. She'll be re-teaming with her FIREFLIES IN THE GARDEN director Dennis Lee to produce the comedy JESUS HENRY CHRIST. The story centers on a boy named Henry James Hermin who's conceived in a petri dish and raised by a left-wing feminist but when he starts to ask questions about his father, he apparently follows a trailer of post-it notes that lead him to the answer. What the hell does that mean exactly is anyone's guess. The story was the basis for Lee's Student Academy Award-winning short film and he'll be expanding it to feature length and directing. Roberts has no plans to star in the film at the time. She can next be seen yukking it up with Clive Owen in the thriller/comedy DUPLICITY.

Extra Tidbit: Roberts turned down the role of Catherine Tramell in BASIC INSTINCT.
Source: THR



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