Robin Hood and his Merry Men will be re-imagined by Dreamworks and Act of Valor director Scott Waugh

Dreamworks is getting into the "re-imagining" game with MERRY MEN, an update of the immortal Robin Hood tale that will be directed by ACT OF VALOR helmer Scott Waugh and written by Brad Ingelsby (OUT OF THE FURNACE). FAST AND FURIOUS producer Neal Moritz will oversee the film; his name and Waugh's should give you an idea which direction Dreamworks is going with this new take.

Don't worry; this isn't another ponderous telling of the Robin Hood adventure reminiscent of Ridley Scott's version a few years back. According to Deadline, the flick will be an ensemble piece centered around the Robin Hood supporting characters Little John, Friar Tuck, Maid Marian and Will Scarlet. In addition, there's a high-concept revenge angle that tonally is reminiscent of OCEAN'S ELEVEN.

Sounds like the Sheriff of Nottingham's forest casino is about to get jacked!

Re-imaginings continue to be all the rage in Hollywood. With JACK THE GIANT SLAYER opening today and OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL coming out next week (not to mention films like MALEFICENT and CINDERELLA on the horizon), movie studios are pillaging all the classic stories they can for big-budget updates.

Extra Tidbit: Scott Waugh is currently in pre-production on Dreamworks' NEED FOR SPEED film, starring Aaron Paul.
Source: Deadline.com



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