Robin: the TV series

It's not exactly movie news, but it should help calm any fears whether Batman sidekick Robin would be on screen in any follow-up to THE DARK KNIGHT (if and when that happens).

The "Boy Wonder", known in comics (and the campy 60s TV show) for providing catchy quips, brazenly fruity costume and homoerotic subtext, will be coming to the CW network in a live-action pilot from SMALLVILLE producers Kelly Souders and Brian Peterson, and filmmaker McG.

The potential series, called THE GRAYSONS, will follow the early years of the rebellious acrobatic kid before he meets Bruce Wayne and his cowled alter ego. The story will be set in modern times and follow young DJ Grayson (I assume he's named DJ since no teens willingly call themselves Dick anymore) as he faces "challenges involving first loves, young rivals and his family as he grows up."

The producers have supposedly come up with an "original take" on the character of Robin, who was so popular that back in the 80s, comic fans voted for the Joker to cave in his skull with a crowbar (don't worry, he came back eventually -- everyone does in comics).

Maybe it won't turn out so bad. Sometimes you get SMALLVILLE, and sometimes you get... BIRDS OF PREY.

Extra Tidbit: This dredges up unwelcome memories of the fan-film GRAYSON. Who knew Robin had such a dedicated fan base?
Source: Variety



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