Robin Williams' Flubber gets the hilarious Venom reboot we all deserve

Unlike a turd in the wind, the latest video from Nerdist Presents is likely to treat Marvel fans to something they'll truly enjoy. That's right, true believers, get ready to bear witness to one of the most curious crossovers to ever hit the internet, with a trailer for VENOM AND FLUBBER, a mash-up of Tom Hardy's upcoming comic book action adventure and Robin Williams' 1997 remake of THE ABSENT-MINDED PROFESSOR.

Here's the official synopsis for the trailer:

In this gritty reboot of FLUBBER we reveal the true nature of the symbiotic relationship - between the absent-minded professor and his bouncy invention.

Lending their talents as part of the crew that put the trailer together are Tim Herrold on VFX, Adam Murrray on Graphics, and Matt Caron on editing duties. The trailer gives us a frightening, albeit chuckle-worthy look at what would happen if the Venom symbiote were actually made from the same slime-green, bouncy substance created by Williams' Professor Philip Brainard. The footage begins with us thinking that the science-fiction scenario is all fun and games, that is until the goo merges with its host to create a killer with razor-sharp teeth and an appetite for human flesh and bone. While I'm sure that Professor Brainard will have it all figured out in the end, criminals might want to watch their step if they see a big green symbiote "sproinging" their way.

You can check out the trailer for VENOM AND FLUBBER below:



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