Robocop rustles up a positive script review that also includes a faith-restoring spoiler?

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ROBOCOP is a bit of mangled mess right now, insofar as publicity goes.  And goodness knows that the folks at the studio are probably brainstorming night and day like a motherf***er to figure out how to control it, but in the meantime a new script review has come along to balance out the old (and extremely negative) one by gushing a fair amount of praise.  Said praise is partially in response to a gigantic spoiler, the description of which I've included as the last of the reviewer's comments.

To be fair, the first trailer will probably reveal all of this anyway.  So unless you were so in love with looking forward to ROBOCOP that you were going to shut yourself away from all marketing and promotional materials until the release date of August 9th, 2013...

The information you'll find below was collated from a series of posts by SuperHeroHype forum member Solidus.

Regarding Robocop's tech:

He moves quick. At first as Robo 1.0 he is somewhat slow. But he does move fast, he can run up to 30MPH and catch bad guys pretty quick.

Other things, that I love is just the whole integration of wi-fi and how he is connected to everything. This is truly Robocop remade for the modern world, not the 80's.

I have said before I love the virtual evidence world he creates and re-creates a crime as it happens. I love how he is connected to every camera in the city and they are everywhere.

There is also a motorcycle that is made specifically for him, it sounds pretty cool, it connects to him in a way. So he mainly drives his Cruiser motorcycle thing.

And people should not worry about the "Transformers" aspect, all that changes is the appearance of the texture of his armor and helmet, nothing more. He has a visor but it is more see through.

Yea the armor just changes to different textures/slight bulkiness. But it makes it sound like in the script in many scenes that it transforms very very quickly. No body changing or arms becoming something else kind of stuff.

He starts out more human, but OCP starts to mess with him and take away his emotions and he becomes very cold like the Robocop we know.

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The story does resolve around that they need Murphy he is the perfect candidate but they know he won't agree to it. So they hire bad guys to pretty much knock him out and "surgically" blow him away so they can get program under way. And also make Murphy's wife think that it is the only way to save Alex is to do this program and he will still be the man she loves. But lets say the company really back stabs that and then some. They just want a cold robot that does what it's told but give the appearance to the press and public that he can have emotions. They set up the whole family wanting him back thing to give it a good clean image. But in reality the company is being horrible about it.

One emotional part that turns him more to a machine (which is what the company and Norton wanted) was when they showed Murphy what was left of "him" they strip all his mechanical stuff and it is just some of his organs part of his head and a part of his brain. A pretty sad scene, especially when they make Murphy's wife look at it, to get her to run away from wanting to still be with Alex.

Now that i cool.  That is more f***ing like it.  That I kind of really love.  What about you?

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Hopefully ROBOCOP is more beneficial to Abbie Cornish's career than SUCKER PUNCH...

Extra Tidbit: The main analogy being used regarding the tone and plot progression of ROBOCOP is DISTICT 9 - what say you to that, if the similarities are indeed there as some aspects of this review seems to suggest?



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