Robocop still on!!

Yesterday we ran a story speculating on whether Darren Aronofsky was leaving ROBOCOP in his rearview mirror. This was based on comments he had made on Howard Stern's show and some other whispers I heard from my sources. Today though I was assured by a separate, highly credible source that things are moving along quite well with ROBOCOP, Darren is very happy with the progress and no one is going anywhere. So what's with all the rumblings? As I'm sure you know, Darren is out in the middle of a big push for THE WRESTLER. Since THE WRESTLER is a film with big Oscar prospects, he's doing a lot of work promoting the film. He, rightly, wants the film to succeed on all levels and what may come across as his unhappiness towards ROBOCOP is really just his unhappiness with constantly being asked about ROBOCOP. He wants to talk WRESTLER and is perhaps a little frustrated that no matter where he goes, he keeps getting asked, "Hey what's going on with ROBOCOP?!" So his less than enthusiastic responses are translated into speculation that he's unhappy with the film. So rest easy friends - behind-the-scenes Darren is still working hard on ROBOCOP. Just know that if you see Mr. Aronofsky out and about you might want to congratulate him on THE WRESTLER instead.

Extra Tidbit: Your move creep.
Source: JoBlo.com



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