Rock: Shazam or Adam?

Do you smell who The Rock is... playing?

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson has been unofficially attached to that SHAZAM movie for a while, but this is the closest we've seen to confirmation. The tragically Disneyfied near-superstar spoke to MTV while pimping his painful-looking family football comedy THE GAME PLAN, and proclaimed that it's up to "the fans" to determine if he should play SHAZAM hero Captain Marvel, or villain Black Adam. I guess that means he's planning to slip into a skintight costume either way... Hooray?

While he's obviously built for both parts in the kid-turns-superhero comic adaptation (from his GET SMART director Peter Segal), Rock probably better physically matches SHAZAM's powerful antithesis. Of course, then the filmmakers face the challenge of finding a hero who can believably absorb the punishment inflicted by the former rassler. So... why not have him play both?
Extra Tidbit: The Rock already came close to fighting himself -- the silly Jet Li sci-fi flick THE ONE began life as a vehicle for Johnson to battle his evil other-dimensional twin.
Source: MTV



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