Rocket Robin Hood?

Hopefully nothing like the 1966 Krantz Films cartoon, Robin of Sherwood and his merry men might be switching from tights to latex with Warner Bros developing a futuristic version of their tale.

First time director Nicolai Fuglsig has signed on with DARK KNIGHT producer Charles Roven to handle an action-adventure script to be delivered by SPREAD scribe Jason Hall about the titular hero helping the population of a dystopian-future London. Isn't that called V FOR VENDETTA?

"His stunning visual presentation blew me away," Roven told The Hollywood Reporter of Fuglsig. "He has a very clear vision for the film, one that will re-invent and modernize a classic story." The film yet bares no title nor production date, so Ridley Scott can take his time and finish up his "classic" take, this won't be like the 1991 showdown where the Patrick Bergin version had to yield to Costner and stay out of U.S. theaters.

Extra Tidbit: Can't believe I used to watch that cartoon every time it was on. It was even worse than those barely-moving Marvel ones, AND it had about 3 minutes of story while the theme was replayed 5 times during the show...



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