Rocketman set pics reveal look at Taron Egerton as Elton John

Taron Egerton has saved the world twice as a super spy in the KINGSMAN movies and will whip out his bow in ROBIN HOOD later this year. But Egerton is taking on his most prolific role yet as the one and only Elton John in the biopic ROCKETMAN, production on which is officially underway and the first images of Egerton as the music icon have surfaced online. And, yes, he looks stylish as hell.

Sporting a big haircut and looking fashionable – as John often does – Egerton looks fantastic as the legend. Also in the photos is Jamie Bell, who is playing Bernie Taupin, who has been working with John as a songwriter for decades. The actor said the movie will be more of a fantasy-musical rather than your typical biopic (via Collider), and he is reunited here with his EDDIE THE EAGLE director Dexter Fletcher (who also took over for BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY when Bryan Singer left towards the end of the shoot).


Also starring in the movie are Richard Madden (GAME OF THRONES) as John Reid, John’s then-lover and manager, and Bryce Dallas Howard, who will play John’s mom. I dig the approach as a way of subverting the ordinary biopic movie, and we've already seen with the footage of BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY there is certainly room for more extravagant rock n' roll biopics. Hopefully, the movie does its iconic subject justice, and I have full faith Egerton has the showmanship to capture the essence of John. Surely he got to know the musician very well after saving his life in KINGSMAN 2. 

ROCKETMAN is set to hit theaters May 31, 2019.

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