Rodriguez is Furious

I was pretty sure that we all knew this already, but maybe this is the official word: Michelle Rodriguez is back for FAST AND THE FURIOUS 4. Good news? Bad news? I'd say good, since I feel a strange attraction to this chick. What can I say, I like knowing my girls can whip my ass. Of course, she's joining Jordana Brewster and apparently, Gal Gardot, which means even if the story is a turd sandwich, we're gonna have something nice to look at. That said though, I've actually heard really good things about the script, and I prefer to look at the return of Diesel, Walker, Brewster and Rodriguez as a sign that it is a worthwhile movie to make, rather than and opportunity to make some coin. I'm not entirely sure how you can make picking exactly the right time to use your NOS thrilling for a third movie (drifting jumped the shark after one flick), but I'm ready to give it a try. Justin Lin is on board to direct, and I know, at first glance the guy should be crucified for replacing Vin Diesel and American muscle cars with Lil Bow Wow and bright green Incredible Hulk cars. But don't forget this is the dude who said he would walk away from an opportunity to remake OLD BOY if he felt he couldn't do it justice. I've gotta support the guy for that.
Extra Tidbit: I think that the final scene in TOKYO DRIFT is just bad ass.



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