Roland Emmerich says Independence Day 3 will be an "intergalactic journey"

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We already know that director Roland Emmerich and producer Dean Devlin want to do at least one more INDEPENDENCE DAY movie, and Emmerich talked a little about his plans for the potential RESURGENCE follow-up during a conversation with Empire.

The next one will be an intergalactic journey. It'll be [set] maybe a year or two later, not 20 years [on]. I want to maintain this group of people, especially the young characters, and Jeff [Goldblum] and Brent [Spiner] will take part in it. It'll be fun to keep that group together.

Emmerich also said he will "definitely" be behind the camera for the third entry in the series before going on to share some plot details.

Warning: INDEPENDENCE DAY: RESURGENCE spoilers ahead!

Apparently a peaceful alien race shows up in RESURGENCE with word of a huge civil war going on in outer space, and the next film would see humanity joining the conflict. Emmerich says, "I imagine them now going in one of these ships they've rebuilt into a wormhole. I think it'll be the classic of going into space but it has to be about Earth, and we have a really good idea for that."

Early IDR reviews have been mixed-to-positive, and it is currently projected to make about $50 million in its opening domestic weekend. But with a reported budget of $165 million (and some estimates as high as $200 million), the film is going to have to gross a hell of a lot more than that for 20th Century Fox to seriously consider doing another sequel. What do you think will be the final U.S and international numbers for RESURGENCE?

INDEPENDENCE DAY: RESURGENCE hits theaters this Friday.

Source: Empire



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