Ron Howard's brother Clint to have role in upcoming Han Solo film

I'm not going to lie, most interest I've had in the young HAN SOLO film have pretty much evaporated with the firing of former directors Chris Miller and Phil Lord, who were replaced by Ron Howard. Nothing against Howard - he's made some pretty great films in the past (and quite a few clunkers as well) - but he didn't make CLONE HIGH. And, to be fair, I was already iffy about the premise of the film from the get-go.

However, like almost every Ron Howard-directed film, you can almost play a "Where's Waldo" of Clint Howard cameos, as Ron likes to put his bother's visage somewhere in all his films. But will that be the case with HAN SOLO? Well, according to this Twitter exchange, the answer probably won't surprise you:

This means that Clint Howard will be one of the rarified few who have starred in both STAR TREK (where he played a psychic baby in TOS, then later a Ferengi) and STAR WARS, in a currently unspecified role. Wonder if Ron'll force him uncomfortable-as-hell alien prosthetics? I know I would if my brother was in my movie.

Meanwhile, HAN SOLO (or whatever it ends up being called) will speed into theaters May 25th, 2018.

Extra Tidbit: What's your favorite Clint Howard cameo from a Ron Howard film? Sound off below!
Source: Twitter



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