Ron Howard says everyone is behind a new season of Arrested Development

Earlier this year, Arrested Development co-creator/co-executive producer Brian Grazer said that Netflix had placed a 17-episode order for a fifth season of the show. That news definitely bodes well for fans, even if the fourth season didn't quite live up to expectations. In case you want a bit of an update on how that's going, Ron Howard spoke with Amy Robach earlier this morning about the progress of season 5.

Ron Howard on season 5 of Arrested Development:

Well, Mitch Hurwitz the creator of the show is working with writers now,” Howard informed, “Netflix is behind it, 20th Century Fox is behind it. It’s hopeful. What has happened is that the cast has become so freakin’ in demand and busy. Everyone wants to do it. Fans want it. I would be saddened if we didn’t achieve it. I’m the announcer and the narrator, and I have to get back to that microphone.

Due to the fact that all of the actors of Arrested have moved on to other projects, the end result of season 4 was a bit disjointed in comparison to the previous seasons. Certainly unique for a season to focus on one or two characters at a time, but not something that fans are looking for going forward. I'm sure the biggest trick right now is just getting the entire ensemble together so that the chemistry will be there on the screen. Here's hoping they work something out!

Arrested Development: Season Five is currently scheduled to hit Netflix sometime in 2016.

Source: Deadline



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