Ron Howard takes on yet another project with 364

I understand that THE DARK TOWER film and TV series falling apart leaves Ron Howard with a lot of time on his hands, but the man is scooping up more projects than he can possibly get to at this point.

He's been attached to UNDER THE BANNER OF HEAVEN and SPY VS. SPY, and his most likely next effort will be the already cast F1 racing drama RUSH.

But that's just not enough, and Howard is now said to be working on 364, a film based on an original script from David Guggenheim about a man that has superpowers, but for only one day a year. 

The film is said to be a drama, and no word on if it will have comedic elements the way similar "everyman" superhero projects have had recently like KICK-ASS and SUPER. Lord knows we're running low on worthwhile superheroes at this point for movies, so it probably can't hurt to start making up new ones.

Do you think Howard is taking on too much? What should he get to first?

Extra Tidbit: At least he said no to THE LOST SYMBOL.
Source: Deadline



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