Ron Perlman wishes David Harbour "the best" as the new Hellboy

Comic book fans big and small are still trying to process the news that the HELLBOY series is getting the reboot treatment. The biggest challenge in dealing with this news is it means we won’t get to see Ron Perlman play the big red demon anymore, a role he was clearly born for. But the man is keeping his chin up and wishing the new star – David Harbour – all the luck.

While speaking with Dread Central, the actor was asked about the upcoming reboot, RISE OF THE BLOOD QUEEN, and though he’s most likely a little bummed a HELLBOY 3 isn’t happening, he seems to be cool with Harbour taking on the role:

David Harbour is a good dude. I wish him nothing but the best when it comes to the retooling of HB.

As for the proposed third movie, which director Guillermo del Toro tried to get going earlier this year, Perlman said it would’ve been a grand spectacle film that would’ve concluded the duo’s trilogy of films:

The third one was meant to be epic and conclusive and a resolve for all these, almost, Greek oracle promises of the destiny of Hellboy. It would’ve made for a really good movie, I think.

Though not massive box office hits, the HELLBOY movies earned rave reviews from critics and fans, leading many to cry buckets when the reboot was announced. Word was Toro wanted too much money for the third film, leading the studio and property holders to decide it was probably best to reboot the series instead.

Perlman was a perfect Hellboy, and I can’t say enough it’s a shame he won’t get to don the big, red fist again. But at least he’s not throwing a fit or demanding a protest of the movie, instead accepting the situation, standing tall and passing along his blessings to Harbour. If he couldn’t go out with a bang as Hellboy, he can at least go out a class act as Ron.

HELLBOY: RISE OF THE BLOOD QUEEN, is set to arrive in 2018.

Source: Dread Central



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