Rossum on Balls

If anyone's career is going to get its ass kicked by the DRAGONBALL movie, it will probably be Emmy Rossum's. After THE INVISIBLE and WAR OF THE WORLDS, Justin Chatwin is probably as low as he is ever gonna be on my ladder, James Marsters is barely famous, and people are gonna pretty much love Chow Yun Fat forever, thanks to stuff like THE KILLER, even if he goes out and drop kicks a nun tomorrow or something. Fortunately though, Rossum is extremely cute and extremely likable. And she has been talking about getting ready for the movie on her Myspace blog: "I'm working with the great Chow Yun Fat and I'm very excited about the role, which is so different than any role I've ever played. I love the character and I'm excited to get to share something so fun with you. In prep for the film I've been training very hard, learning how to fight, fire a gun, weapons training and even some martial arts. It's fun to play such a different character when I am such a pacifist in real life." DRAGONBALL is being directed by James Wong (FINAL DESTINATION) and is set for release next August.
Extra Tidbit: Rossum's favourite book is Steinbeck's 'Of Mice and Men'.
Source: Myspace



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