Roth is a Bastard!

People, be excited. Be very, very excited. With news breaking last week that Brad Pitt is all but set to star in QT's INGLORIOUS BASTARDS, the film immediately became one of my most anticipated movies of the next year. Well, I didn't think it was possible, but that anticipation just increased tenfold.

Why you ask? I shall tell you. Eli Roth, the bloodthirsty nutcase behind the HOSTEL films is set to play a " baseball bat-swinging Nazi hunter" opposite Brad Pitt. I know many of you will pin this casting on pure nepotism, as the two directors are close friends, but hear me out for a second. For those of you that have seen Roth's breakthrough film CABIN FEVER, remember that horrific flashback scene in which Roth played a maniacal clown with a bed-wetting face? That shyte scared the daylights out of me and still haunts me to this day AND has me convinced that his guy can pull this new role off beautifully.

Also, I think with all of his off-beat casting choices in the past, most of which have left us floored, Quentin has earned our trust. What do you think? Can Roth pull it off?
Extra Tidbit: Eli Roth or no Eli Roth, the idea of a "baseball bat-swinging Nazi hunter" in a Tarantino film should make us all rejoice and thank the heavens.
Source: Variety



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