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I can't imagine Eli Roth ever wanting to stop bashing Nazis' heads in with a baseball bat, but now that INGLORIOUS BASTERDS has come and gone, its time for him to get back to his other job: directing. Sci-fi Wire recently caught up with Roth where he discussed which of his next rumored projects are and are not happening. He said nothing about ENDANGERED SPECIES, his for-sure next film which is miraculously aiming to be PG-13, but he did say what it would likely reap.

"[I should] make a PG-13 movie so that I'm like, 'Aw, man, I wish I could kill more people,'" Roth said. "Then let Thanksgiving just be a bloodletting…. "Now I'm kind of thinking maybe I should make like 20 Thanksgivings in a row, just shoot them all and just release them out of order," Roth continued. "Like, do Thanksgiving 7, then Thanksgiving 4, then 5 and 6 in the theater. People'd be like, 'Why did 7 come out already?' It's like, 'Well, it doesn't matter. It's just a bunch of people getting chopped up anyways. Who cares?'"

So THANKSGIVING is still a very real possibility, and it's nice to know that Roth is self-aware enough to understand the lack of subtlety that goes with his films. I'd say "it's just a bunch of people getting chopped up” adequately sums up his last few projects pretty well.

But two other films he was mulling over are on the chopping block, one being TRAILER TRASH, which was to be a movie consisting entirely of GRINDHOUSE-esque fake trailers, and the other an adaptation of Stephen King’s CELL. I have a feeling the studios want to see what he does with his next few projects before greenlighting all his crazy ideas until kingdom come.

Extra Tidbit: I vote for releasing THANKSGIVING and MACHETE as a double feature.
Source: Sci-fi Wire



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