Rudd is Big Brother

Paul Rudd Paul Rudd has signed on star opposite Seann William Scott in the Luke Greenfield-directed (THE GIRL NEXT DOOR) comedy BIG BROTHER. Coming from a script by Timothy Dowling (who wrote the upcoming comedy COXBLOCKER, which also stars Scott alongside Topher Grace), Rudd and Scott star as arrogant, womanizing businessmen whose frat-boy lifestyle results in them receiving a court-mandated order to enroll a Big Brother program where they go about teaching impressionable teens all the devious tricks they've amassed to get them to where they are now. There's hilarity. There's hijinks. There's naked breasts. And there's a message of honesty, fairness, growing up and learning from one's mistakes. Rudd can next be seen in the comedy THE TEN, the spoofish comedy RENO 911!: MIAMI, the Amy Heckerling rom com I COULD NEVER BE YOUR WOMAN, the Judd Apatow comedy KNOCKED UP and the dark comedy HOW I MET MY BOYFRIEND'S DEAD FIANCEE.

Extra Tidbit: Dowling also co-wrote the cultish comedy flick GEORGE LUCAS IN LOVE.



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