Rudd, Wilson Unite

If you ask me, comedy is in pretty good shape these days. There are countless of actors who I trust can make me laugh, and that number seems to be increasing weekly. Paul Rudd, though his career has spanned over a decade, is one of the new comedic stars on the block, and I know that our readers now follow this guy's every move, and rightly so. Well follow this. Rudd is set to star with fellow comedy stalwart Owen Wilson in an untitled film to be produced, written and directed by the legendary James L. Brooks. Reese Witherspoon, who just had a hit with Rudd and Wilson's good pal Vince Vaughan, will play the female lead in what will essentially be a film about a love triangle. In it, Rudd will play a white collar business-type, while Wilson will play a professional pitcher. The film is as of yet untitled and is slated to begin shooting this summer. Reese baby, I feel bad for you--you have a really tough choice ahead of you.
Extra Tidbit: Who's funnier, Rudd or Wilson?
Source: Variety



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