Rumor: Bryan Cranston being eyed for Star Trek 3 villain role

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It's not surprising there's only been a few STAR TREK 3 details revealed, with Justin Lin now directing the film instead of Roberto Orci, and Simon Pegg and Doug Jung recently tapped to write a new script. That's why I'm not sure what to make of these possible new character details from Film Divider. It's not clear if Pegg and Jung's script will be completely different compared to the original from Roberto Orci, or if it'll be based on Orci's story. The point I'm trying to make is the sites' STAR TREK 3 scoop could be old information since a new script is being written, and obviously this is unconfirmed intel on the upcoming movie.

According to Film Divider, the villain in STAR TREK 3 will be "Bryan Cranston-like," and "Cranston himself has had words" with Paramount about the role. The site doesn't know if he said yes or no to the part, or if it is a completely new character or a familiar face.

They also claim three new major female characters will be introduced in STAR TREK 3: the captain of another Federation ship, the President of the United Federation of Planets and Bones’ ex-wife. Film Divider says Paramount is "looking for somebody with the energy and vitality of Chris Pine" to play the other Federation ship captain, and they're not positive if Bones' ex will be Pamela Branch, Jocelyn Treadaway, or "a new character just for the big-screen rebooted universe."

I'm fairly certain most of you will be quite happy if Bryan Cranston ends up playing the villain in STAR TREK 3. As for the other characters that may appear in the film (if the site's info is legit), I feel like Paramount is over doing it a bit with strong female leads because of the backlash from the Alice Eve underwear scene in STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS. But I have no problem with a female Federation ship captain and United Federation of Planets President or Bones' ex-wife being in the film, and hopefully Paramount finds some fantastic actresses for the parts. Which actresses would you like to see join STAR TREK 3?

STAR TREK 3 is set to open on July 8, 2016.

Source: Film Divider



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