Rumor Buster: Tarantino NOT voicing Smurfs

First, Quentin Tarantino was set to voice Brainy Smurf in the upcoming animated SMURFS film. This was told to us by Alan Cumming who's also voicing a smurf in the film. Then Tarantino's reps came out and said that it wasn't true. Then another report came out saying that Tarantino would indeed be voicing Brainy in the film. Now you can consider this rumor busted: Tarantino will not be voicing a character in THE SMURFS.

Giving a little backstory on the yes-no-but-yes is Hannah Minghella, president of Sony Pictures Animation. She says that yes, there were discussions between them and Tarantino about his voicing Brainy in the film but in the end, "it didn’t work out." She declined to give a reason why they were unable to come to an agreement but she insists that a veritable who's-who of actors are lining up to voice the role now that he's officially passed (really?).

I'm not sure I'm all that excited to see THE SMURFS but I think knowing that Tarantino was voicing Brainy would've given me a little chuckle of anticipation. That said, I'm just as happy that he'll be devoting his time to the New Beverly in Los Angeles and, hopefully, working on a new script.

Extra Tidbit: Tarantino's last voiceover role was of a newsman in DIARY OF THE DEAD.
Source: LA Times



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