Rumor: Could Michael Fassbender be up for the role of Boba Fett?


You can go ahead and take this one with all of the grains of salt, but it's a rumor that's been snowballing the past couple days so we might as well talk about it! The website iKwiz has reported that not only will Boba Fett make more appearances in future Star Wars films, but that Michael Fassbender is the frontrunner. Sounds cool, right? Suspiciously so, if you ask me. Their source claims to have said that the character of Boba Fett "is a mantle. The name, the ship and the armor gets passed down to a successor. That's how he is brought back for the films and explains the character for later stories."

Their source goes on to say, “Fett fans are in for a few surprises. They [Disney] get the cult status of the character, so you're going to see more Boba Fett in the future. Michael Fassbender is the frontrunner to be Boba Fett, fact!" There's no doubts that Fassbender playing the mighty Mandalorian would indeed be cool, but I'm certainly not holding my breath. It's definitely fun to discuss, and given that screen tests are already underway for Gareth Edwards' endeavor, you know that there are definitely names being tossed around for both Boba Fett and Han Solo (if they are featured in the film). Although if we're going by Disney's schedule, they announced (most of) the cast for THE FORCE AWAKENS in April of 2014. Perhaps we'll hear some legit info about the cast for this spin-off in a few months' time?

Gareth Edwards' STAR WARS SPIN-OFF is slated to hit theaters on December 16, 2016.


Extra Tidbit: Who would you like to see cast as the infamous bounty hunter?
Source: iKwiz



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