Rumor: Matthew McConaughey may be the new Norman Osborn/Green Goblin

Just the other day, we learned from Matthew McConaughey that he had read scripts for both Marvel and DC projects but was not sure if he was ready to commit to a multi-film franchise. I assumed he was considering lead roles in films so it never once occurred to be that he would be in contention for a villain role.

According to unsubstantiated rumors from YouTube's The Hashtag Show, McConaughey may be lined up to take on the third iteration of Green Goblin for 2017's reboot of SPIDER-MAN. The co-venture between Sony and Marvel Studios has already been a hot project thanks to the webslinger's inclusion in next year's CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR and inclusion in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If this rumor turns out to be true, McConaughey would be a huge get for the project.

To date, Willem Dafoe and Chris Cooper have played very different versions of Norman Osborn. While McConaughey would certainly be a bigger name than any of potential Peter Parkers, including lead contender Asa Butterfield, he would bring the marquee power to the film. The question remains, however: is McConaughey ready to commit to a multi-film contract? Playing Osborn doesn't mean he will have to be in every sequel or even a potential SINISTER SIX movie. In fact, he could have a Jesse Eisenberg-type deal where he can appear in large or small capacities depending on his schedule .

Matthew McConaughey has been linked with tons of roles since his Oscar win for DALLAS BUYERS CLUB and his universally-praised turn in True Detective. With rumors having him possibly joining THE STAND as the villain Randall Flagg, there may not be room for him to take on this role. But, wouldn't it be alright, alright, alright if he did?

The SPIDER-MAN reboot is slated to hit theaters on July 28, 2017.

Source: YouTube



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