Rumor of the Day: Matthew Goode is frontrunner for Superman role

I personally don't believe this story too much, but it's a holiday and I guess it's an "interesting choice" to discuss so allow me to present you with the latest SUPERMAN scoop according to MovieNewz.com, a website I'd never heard of before today. According to their sources, director "Snyder wants Matthew Goode to play mild-mannered reporter Clark Kent and has plans to rely heavily on CGI for The Man of Steel." Sigh. Really? I mean, if this is real, I can't imagine them choosing someone who, 1) isn't American (Goode is British) 2) doesn't have the physique for the part. If the latter part is for real, this would apparently mean that they would CG Goode's body in order for it to look more like Superman. Sigh again. Wouldn't actors just "work out" for that in the good ol' days? Apparently they're already utilizing this process for THE GREEN LANTERN. I don't believe this story for a second, but there is a connection between Goode and Snyder in that they worked together in WATCHMEN, in which Goode played Ozymandias, "the smartest man in the world". So what think you? Bullshit or great innovative idea? PS: When we asked our readers to choose their favorite picks to play Supes, 24% chose Brandon Routh, 18% went with Jon Hamm and 4% chose Henry Cavill. 

Extra Tidbit: Zack Snyder hails from Green Bay, Wisconsin and has 4 kids.
Source: Movie Newz



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