Rumor: Silver & Black will kick off all-female Spider-verse

In case you forgot, WONDER WOMAN is out today and is already reaping the highest of praise. If there was still any doubt strong women could lead their own superhero flick, those misguided thoughts should be appropriately smashed. We will no doubt see a larger crop of female-led comic book movies on the horizon, and rumor is Sony could be jumping into the race in a big way.

According to a report via Splash Report, Sony is planning on doing an Avengers-style team movie featuring only women from the Spider-Man universe, starting with the recently announced SILVER & BLACK. Here is their scoop:

“With Wonder Woman opening this week, it’s a pretty good bet Sony is taking universe building tips from Warner/DC. Why?

Silver and Black is the setup for an all-female Spidey-verse team movie. It ends with Silver Sable (a la Nick Fury) rounding up a team of The Black Cat, Jessica Drew (Spider-Woman), Charlotte Witter (Stunner), Sarah Ehret (Jackpot) and Cassie St. Commons (Dusk).”

We last got a report giving away some details for the S&B movie, which revealed that characters like Jessica Drew would appear, giving credence to the idea that she could become one in a larger team. But the report also said Kraven the Hunter would be around, so it generates the thought around there being a larger team of villains too, which could include Tom Hardy's Venom.

Until Sony comes out with their own news this is all rumor and speculation, but given the need for the studio to get back into the superhero game – and without their leading hero, Spider-Man – they need to think of a bold new idea to set them apart. This would do just that, as well as capitalize on the growing desire for more female-centric comic flicks. The Spider-Man universe sure does have a bevy of strong female characters, and seeing them all together would definitely give us something we haven't seen before.

Catch the men-centric SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING on July 7.

Source: Splash Report



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