Russell Brand shows us his best Arthur in this new trailer

The trailer for the ARTHUR remake is up and ready for you to judge it.

To be honest, it's really hard for me to not be partial to the original. Dudley Moore in the role of the drunken, rich, man-child is sort of hard to top. This version is trying to go in a bit of a different route so that it can stand apart from the original. It wants to pull at your heart strings more and let you know that it's okay to find Jennifer Garner attractive. I tried to be fair to this trailer but wound up having that "meh" feeling. The Darth Vader bit with Helen Mirren is actually sort of funny. I just wonder if this version is trying too hard.

But the final say isn't up to me, it's up to you guys. Check it out and let us know what you think.


"Irresponsible charmer Arthur Bach (Russell Brand) has always relied on two things to get by: his limitless fortune and the good sense of lifelong nanny Hobson (Helen Mirren) to keep him out of trouble. Now he faces his biggest challenge--choosing between an arranged marriage that will ensure his lavish lifestyle or an uncertain future with the one thing money can't buy, Naomi (Greta Gerwig), the only woman he has ever loved. With Naomi's inspiration and some unconventional help from Hobson, Arthur will take the most expensive risk of his life and finally learn what it means to become a man, in this re-imagining of the classic romantic comedy "Arthur.""

Extra Tidbit: WTF with the lack of Greta Gerwig?
Source: Yahoo! Movies



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