Russell Crowe wants you to convince Fox to make a Master and Commander sequel

Russell Crowe wants to film a sequel to one of his movies but it's not GLADIATOR 2, THE NEXT FOUR DAYS or 3:11 TO YUMA that he's pushing. Instead, Crowe took to his Twitter account yesterday to convince his 110,000 followers to contact 20th Century Fox CEO Tom Rothman and ask for a sequel to MASTER AND COMMANDER. Said Crowe on his @RussellCrowe account: "If you want a Master and Commander sequel I suggest you e-mail Tom Rothman at Fox and let him know your thoughts."

It may seem an unlikely candidate for a sequel as it's a good-enough but mostly forgettable film, but it did rack up 10 Oscar nominations and gross over $200 million worldwide. And in fairness, if those stats were for a movie about aliens or a dude in tights fighting crime, the sequel would've been greenlit a long time ago.

For his part, director Peter Weir told the Seattle Times back in 2005 that a sequel was "most unlikely" and that "while it did well ... ish at the box office, it didn't generate that kind of monstrous, rapid income that provokes a sequel."

So where did Russell Crowe get the enthusiasm for a MASTER sequel? Not really clear. He wasn't provoked into the possibility on Twitter, he just posted rather randomly.

Most people don't have Tom Rothman's e-mail address (and I'm certainly not going to provide it here) but the official Fox Movies Twitter feed picked up on the response and posted the following response: Getting a lot of tweets about Master & Commander sequel, I'll look into it (I'd love one, too, but as you all know a LOT goes into it.)

Still seems unlikely on all accounts (the movie cost over $150 million) but I suppose you never know what a bunch of Crowe fans can accomplish when they put their minds e-mails to it.

Extra Tidbit: You could always just go watch THE WAY BACK, Weir's first film since MASTER AND COMMANDER.
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